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  1. Dedicated to a Better Solution for Chronic Depression, 
  2. Suicidality, 
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 
  4. Chronic pain. 

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We are dedicated to help patients with Persistent Depression, including with Suicidality, PTSD, Chronic pain by providing access to the newest treatment available - Ketamine infusions. Some researchers have called the drug " The most important discovery in half a century". Combined with other therapies such as TMS and psychotherapy this is a totally new approach to successful treatment.

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 With years of experience, our multispeciality medical team at ketamine medical clinic in Miami of psychiatrist, neurologist, anesthesiologists, psychologist and family physicians will assess you and create a custom recovery plan for you. We follow protocols for ketamine therapy that allow for a smooth recovery and access to improved life. Ketamine therapy in Miami close to you.

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 Ketamine has been described as rapid fire treatment for depression. Recent research from many hospitals suggest that ketamine can provide powerful relief - even to people whose depression has repeatedly failed to respond to other medications and to those who are suicidal. 


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